Workshops & Groups

Himalayan Singing bowl workshops

These are interactive and experiential sessions. As we each relate differently to the bowls this is indeed a journey of discovery in itself and much more. Sessions will be looking at history and types of bowls, attributes and playing styles. We will look at harmonics, the varying resonances to stimulate or relax; interactions with our subtle energy system, meditative playing, personal interactions and advanced techniques, as well as what to look for when buying your own bowls and caring for your own bowls. I provide all bowls and equipment needed, so there is no need to already have a bowl of your own, however If you have your own bowls, then please do bring them along and we will unpack the frequencies hidden within your bowls.
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I run the one day workshops at weekends 10:00 – 16:00, or when numbers permit  evening workshops, where there are 3 sessions in the series in total which need to be done in order and you maybe able to borrow bowls during the series ( evening workshops), to develop your own connection and personal understanding in your own home.

Sessions take place in Farnborough, Hampshire and commence at  10:00 for all day workshops and 19:30 for evening workshops with a maximum of 5 people per session, each evening session lasts for approx 1:30 hrs.
Payment is due in advance for these workshops, though concessions are available for those on limited income.

Skype sessions will be available to supplement your learning or to analyse your own bowls.

Client feedback -“James has extensive knowledge of the properties and qualities of a range of singing bowls.
He shares this through gentle and insightful teaching. I learnt a great deal over the three weeks
and will be using my own singing bowls to much better effect from now on!” SG– Sound Healer

“Through James’ tutorial sessions I learned about the history, theory and physiology of the bowls as well as gaining lots of hands on experience of playing and interacting with the bowls myself. James is a very knowledgeable, informative and friendly tutor and his passion for sound healing really came across during the sessions” – VS



Himalayan bowl System re-balance sessions

I will be leading monthly Himalayan Bowl System re-balance sessions. Over 10 evenings we will be look at the power of sound and frequency to work with and rebalance 10 systems of the body. From the Skeletal and Lymphatic systems to the Emotional and Causal body we will be looking at the impact of each system on our own well being and how we can work with sound to rebalance these areas. We will also be covering the Endocrine, Mind /Body (Brainwaves) and digestive gateways as well as Pranic, Spirit level and Auric bodies.

The evening will end with a harmonic meditation on the system covered, meditations will be sitting. Only 6 places are available, so early booking is essential,


Soundbaths and sound meditationssoundbath + Nov 11 005

Sound and soundbaths are a journey…..there is a start and an end and many possible  crossroads – be they that of feelings, emotions or sensations in between…..and all directions are good, there are no dead ends, no cul-de sacs, just endless possibilities as we journey into vastness of primordial sound.

With a soundbath, sound will literally wash over you and cleanse your subtle energy system. You will normally be lying down for the soundbath, though you can be in a sitting position if comfortable. As we all experience sound differently, this will indeed be a personal odyssey. From the stimulating and sometimes haunting sounds of the Gong and multi harmonic healing tones of the Himalayan singing bowls, through to the powerful yet peaceful and pure tones of the Crystal bowls to the grounding and instinctive tribal sounds of percussion. With a focused intent a Soundbath can touch all levels of your being.




I am happy to give presentations and introductions on sound therapy and healing to local groups and societies by prior arrangement. As with much of my work there will be an interactive and hands on element to the presentation, So you will have an opportunity to make sound for yourself, explore your own relationship with sound and maybe start a whole new journey of itself…..

For further details or to discuss available dates , please fill in the contact form or contact me via the Facebook link.