Why Sound?

Sound is energy, vibratory energy, in its most literal form, a wave of energy passed from atom to atom that impacts on all of our “system”. It has been used for millennia to heal, to balance, to explore even to destroy. Here on Earth it is everywhere, so sound demands our attention, our interaction and our respect.

Be it through music, nature sounds, or individual harmonics, tones and rhythms, sound has the power to lift us up, calm us down, increase or reduce our stress levels, help us get in touch with our memories as well as explore the greater dimensions of ourselves, our place and space in time.

Just as sound is vibration and different sounds have different frequencies, so everything vibrates and everything has its own frequency, from the planets to plants, from organisms to each of our organs, one of the accepted rules of physics is that motion creates frequency and frequency creates sound and everything is in motion……this is the key to the power of sound and its ability to impact on every level of our being.
On the physical level, at a very basic level, vibration is picked up by the ear and translated by the brain into sounds. The vibration or frequency however is also transmitted to and “felt” by every cell, sinew and organ in the body. Something beautiful then can happen, when our living body recognises a frequency be it a tone or a rhythm, resonates with that frequency. Then with it and through it, it has the ability to rebalance and re-centre itself to harmonious state.

Emotionally, the sound translations by the brain can be soothing or stressful, uplifting or overwhelming. It can take us back to past places or transport us to realms of hope and expectation. It has been used to prepare us for battle and as well as celebrate our greatest events and victories. This emotional energy can then drive our own personal intention to heal and restore our emotional equilibrium.

Energetically, sound has the power to cleanse and harmonise. As our energy body resonates with sounds and tones, through the processes of entrainment and sympathetic resonance we have the chance to re-establish homeostasis within our system. Since the dawn of time shamans and healers have harnessed sound to relieve mental anguish, treat disease or bring themselves to a state of spiritual and physical ecstasy.

Spiritually sound has been part of our connection with all that is greater than ourselves for eons. shaman, healers and practitioners of most faiths, religions and traditions have sound as a fundamental element of their practice. Whether to enter a state of trance, to connect with the primordial original sound – the music of the spheres – or to celebrate, meditate and venerate. Sound is used by billions as part of their connection to their identity.

For me personally, sound permeates all levels of my being. It enables me to connect on energetic, emotional, spiritual and physical levels, in a way that nothing else does. it is the simplicity and purity of the sound and the complexity and  beauty of the multi layered nature of sound frequency. It is the shape and form and the touch and presence of sound. It is sounds ability to bring me into the present moment or transport me to another dimension that makes it for me my energetic medicine of choice.


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