Sound Therapy – Treatments & Therapies

Sound therapy is a complementary therapy designed to work alongside orthodox medicine. It is based on the understanding that the material world we can see and measure, from planet to plants, is made up of energy vibrating at different rates or frequencies. Sound therapy can be used to treat a variety of ailments including anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, dyslexia and many other conditions, however it still remains quite an unknown therapeutic method BUT….on closer examination, modern medicine uses sound therapy on a daily basis with the use of ultrasonic’s to help heal soft-tissue injuries, disperse kidney stones and the diagnostic tools of Sonography to identify blood flow, brain abnormalities and good old tuning forks to determine bone conduction and hearing loss, all of which use sound frequencies as a therapy or sonic diagnosis. A sound therapy session may be focused on improving your physical health, mental or emotional well-being, energetic alignment or a combination of any or all of these.


Sound Therapy

In my Sound therapy sessions I uses different types and levels of sound, – from specific instruments; Solfeggio harmonic pipes, Himalayan singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, or a combination of instruments, as well as vocal tones, overtones and percussive sounds – to help improve your health and well being by enabling you to relax physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically thus allowing restoration and balance and homeostasis to your whole system. The treatment takes place at my home in a designated therapy room. The treatment is carried out on a treatment couch and takes between approximately 90 minutes with consultation and feedback. Under certain conditions it may be possible to carry out the treatment whilst in the sitting position.

Tibetan relaxation therapy:

Buddhist monks have for centuries, used singing bowls to create an environment conducive to deep meditation. Here we use the gentle harmonious tones of the Himalayan bowl together with their physical vibration to enable the body to deeply relax into a state where the natural healing potential of the body is released. For example during the Theta brain wave state, that point of near sleep and daydreams, the brain resets its sodium/potassium levels so easy thrown out of balance by extended periods stress, anxiety and overwork or excess chemical stimulants like caffeine and nicotine.
For the Tibetan relaxation therapy, you will be lying on a specifically made therapy couch with singing bowls aligned to the various energy centres around you or on you, thus your body receives both the audible resonance of the bowl and the physical vibratory frequency of the bowls. Sessions last for between 30 -40 minutes.


Sound Massage : 

Utilising the power of sound, just sound, to bring back a state of homeostasis to you and your systems. Using the power of Rattle, Drum, Gong,Voice, Bowl and Crystal; a powerful re-balancing tool.  Transitioning from sound frequencies that shake up and stir stagnant blocked energies with in your subtle energy system and moving onto the purer focused sound sources to  realign and recharge your energy centres, sound massage gentle, focused, rejuvenating modality. Sessions last 60 mins in total.


Solfeggio therapy: At Harmonic Balance, natural, organic Solfeggio frequencies are used utilising harmonic pipes, chimes and Himalayan sing bowls. These instruments, like the human voice – the original instrumental source of the Solfeggio- contain other supportive frequencies that complement the therapeutic and healing process.


Tibetan Chakra balance therapy: Working with our subtle energy system the Chakras, this therapy has  been found to relieve stress, help with high blood pressure, depression  and insomnia whilst allowing our energy centre to recalibrate to their own natural frequency using the natural harmonics of Himalayan bowls. This therapy  utilises the Tibetan system of tonal assignment  to draw our energy system back into alignment.

Energy realignment therapy – individual sessions to rebalance your energy system and Auric field. Using sound, essential oils, guided meditation,  visualisation and Reiki. A gentle therapy  utilising a range of vibrational healing techniques to allow clients to work with and attune their own subtle energy system.


So sound sessions may be focused on improving your physical health, mental or emotional well-being, energetic alignment or a combination of any or all of these. Together with guidance and consultations it can help create lasting change on all levels of your being. Using sound on a regular basis in a conscious way and with intent can help release and resolve tensions that frequently have an emotional origin to them and which have, over time, developed into physical symptoms or conditions. Regular use can also help us gain greater awareness of emotional behaviour that may have contributed to such tensions.

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