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Harmonic Balance is now supplying a range of Sound therapy and shamanic supplies from Himalayan Singing bowls, Temple bells and wind-wands to Shamanic rattles; drum/gong beaters, bowl mallets, smudge fans, Shamanic Staffs and puja sticks of all types and sizes. Please visit the specific tabs in Sound shop for a greater range of items.

DSCF2409Shamanic rattles come in a range of sizes and sounds, being made with heads of deer, stag or horse hide and a wide range of native wood handles, from ash to apple, willow to yew and beech to birch– all ethically and locally sourced.
The rattles are filled with natural materials to produce a variety of sound textures from those resembling gentle rain to heavier hail fall. Rattles are finished with ties that allow you to add your own decorations, feathers, beads, dream catchers to add your own uniquely personal energy.

Wind-wands can create multi harmonic drones similar to the effect of the aboriginal bullroarer, dependent on the number tension bands used and the spacing and number of bridges in position. The wind-wands come in sizes from 30cm to 60 cm in length, the tone of the drone lowering with the length. The harmonic range of the wind-wand changes according to number and position of bridges. These instruments may have developed from Aeolian sculptures or wind harps. They certainly add an etheric and sometimes windswept atmosphere to events, gatherings and happenings. They are fully adjustable to allow you to create your own harmonics and are supplies with spare tension bands.


The mallets and beaters for gongs, Himalayan Singing bowls and shamanic drums, are supplied in a range of woods. Currently beech, pine, hazel, ash, rowan, holly, oak, willow, yew, birch, cherry and maple are used for the foundation of the beaters, which can be made to order. The mallets / beaters have both soft and hard cores; to allow for a range of tones, are finished in faux sheepskin, felt (assorted colours), faux suede, suede and leather, with just a couple of layers of pure natural bees wax polish to enhance the grain of the wood handle. Mallets and beaters also come in a range of lengths, the longer handles ideal where you’re delivering multi instrument treatments or soundbath.

Puja sticks both hardwood as well as plain or suede covered are also made from locally sourced materials and made on site, these can also be made to measure. Hardwood sticks are made from Yew, Aspen, Lime, Cedar and Pine – Aspen being one of the best woods having a low density giving back far less bowl feedback noise. As Singing bowls react differently to differing woods and sizes of puja stick I can supply sticks to resonate bowls from the very small to the very large with large suede covered puja sticks bringing out the strong resonant tones of bowl of 35cm diameter or more.

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To find out more please e-mail me as per the contact details or better still to book an appointment to come and get hands on with the bowls, mallet and wind-wands and experience their energy for yourself.