Drum and Gong Beaters

All shamanic drum beaters are hand crafted and come in a variety of forms…

Soft centre beaters, filled with wadding and covered in  either suede, leather, felt or faux sheep skin are a more conventional drum beaters. Giving a light traditional  drum sound.

Soft core beaters, with a softer silicone rubber core, covered in wadding and either suede, leather, felt or faux sheep skin are slightly heavier than the soft centre beaters, but tend to have a more resonant deeper tone.

Solid core beaters, with a solid rubber core covered in wadding and either suede, leather, felt or faux sheep, gives a sound in between the soft centre and soft core beaters.

Drum beaters an be either  plain or decorated with wooden beads and feathers and all decorations can be removed without affecting the integrity of the beater.

Most beaters have ties so you can add your own decorations, though these can be removed without impacting the integrity of the beater.

Postage and packing £3.70 for single items under 2 kg, £4.50 on multiple items upto 2kg in weight inclusive of packaging, unless otherwise stated, collection is available. Postage within the UK only


Silicon  soft core , fleece covered beaters All beaters at £19.95

A1 = Apple wood beater

A2 =  Contorted Rowan

A3 = Apple wood

A4 = Yew Wood SOLD

A5 = Sloe / Blackthorn wood





Pair of Silicone core fleece beaters

in Yew wood  £ 36.95







Larger headed soft centre beaters

A1 =  Beech wood                      £ 17.95

A2 = Oakwood   Arrow head      £ 15.95

A3 =  Rowan wood                     £ 17.95

A4 =  Apple wood                       £ 17.95

A6  = Rowan wood with cork      £ 16.95

A5 =  Lime wood Arrow head     £ 15.95



Small head beaters

A1 = twisted Rowan with plastic core                 £14.95

A2 = contorted Rowan (Purple felt) plastic core £14.95

A3 = Sloe wood soft centre                                £15.95

A4 = Sloe wood  rubber core                             £ 14.95

A5 = Apple wood soft centre                              £15.95

A6 = Cherry wood rubber core                           £15.95


Long head beaters

A1 = Drift wood soft centre    £ 15.95

A2 =Oakwood soft centre      £15.95

A3 = Twisted Birch wood       £15.95

A4 = Apple wood soft centre  £15.95

A5= Beechwood soft              £15.95

A6 Apple wood  soft centre    £15.95




More beaters are available as well as ones made to your own requirements