Singing bowls for sale

Harmonic Balance sells a range of singing, ceremonial and shamanic bowls

A selection of hand hammered, plain, engraved, etched, old and new style bowls. Other bowls are available and become available so please do contact me if you have specific tones etc in mind….

Current bowls for sale include the following bowls, many with sound clips, for more information and payment details, please do contact. Payment is by bank transfer as I am also trying to keep payment local too. It also enables me to keep prices reasonable without the fees and commission charged by the likes of PayPal.

Bowls are posted 2nd class signed for,  £4.50  P&P,  unless  the combined weight and packaging is over 2kg, in which case price  available on application,  but can also be collected.


Bowl 4  lovely handbeaten Jambati style bowl

21cm – 1337 grms with a fundamental of D3 Sacral and first overtone of A#4 Brow – third eye







Bowl 20 Manipuri bowl









Bowl 32 Jambati bowl








Bowl 53 Jambati style hand beaten singing bowl

large 29cm – 2166 grms

With a fundamental of G2 Throat with a first overtone of D4 Sacral chakra

Deep mellow and warm tones from this lovely large bowl


P&P on application



Bowl 57 Antique Jambati bowl

22.5cm  1363grms  lovely patina and incision around the bowl.

with a Fundamental of G#3 Throat and first overtone of D#5 Sacral, this old bowl is not the easiest to play and holds a slight vibration/rattle within the bowl, hence the price




   Bowl 78









Bowl 116 12.5cm  626grms etched bowl fundamental of A4 brow with first overtone of D6 Sacral








Bowl 129 – Rin gong

13cm  606 grms

not an easy bowl to play due to the shape, but a lovely sound

Fundamental of D5 Sacral and first overtone of A6 Brow




Bowl 141








Bowl 149    Jambati style

12.5cm 461 grm bowl G#4 Throat & D6 Sacral








Bowl 153 Jambati style bowl

18cm  968 grms

Fundamental of  E3 Solar plexus and first overtone of  A4 brow






Selection of other bowls available include

Bowl 120   11.5 cm 496 grm machined bowl  A4 Brow & D6 Sacral  £ 24.95

Bowl 122    9.75 cm 340 grm machined  D5 Sacral & G6 Throat  £19.95

Bowl 123    9 cm  345 grm machined  G5 Throat & B6 Crown    £  17.95

Bowl 126    8cm 177grms small etched bowl  F#5 Thymus     £10.95

Bowl 150    Vintage cast bowl 12,5 cm  718 grms B4 Crown & E6 Solar Plexus   £ 24.95




To hear  some of the bowls, please go to the “sound clips” tab on the “sound shop”

I am endeavouring to have all the bowls on sound clips soon…. Namaste James