About Me

Hi there, I am James Whittle and I have been involved in Holistic therapies for over 28 years; I started with body work, qualifying in therapeutic massage, Thai massage – studied at the Old medicine school Chang Mai, Thailand- Japanese hand and arm massage and Reiki, before qualifying in charka balancing with Gladden therapy. After a break of a few years, I then studied Sound therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and the art of the Gong- practitioner levels 1 and 2- with Mark Swan Gong Master.

I’m just as much at home foraging for herbs or sitting at the top of a mountain, as I am making handcrafted Shamanic drum beaters, Shamanic Rattles, Gong mallets  and Puja sticks for Himalayan Singing bowls  or delivering Sound Therapy sessions or workshops. However working with sound has been part of my life now for over 28 years.

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Having also been a teacher, trainer and instructor for over 30 years, it is my passion to help infuse into  others the skills, knowledge  and desires to develop their own skill set, to explore and understand their own abilities and to bring these into the world to share with others that they may also be enthused to discover their own paths.

it is also of great importance to me that my work and any items I make, buy and sell have as little negative impact on our environment as possible. To this end where possible all materials are locally and sustainably sourced. Air miles are kept to a minimum, indeed most of the Himalayan Singing bowls and Temple bells for sale are locally sourced too. Rather like animals needing re-homing when their owners can no longer care for them, so these items need re-homing and new owners too.

So whether it is to experience the power of a Sound therapy session, enjoy the fun and exploration of a Himalayan Singing bowl workshop or get hands on to make your own shamanic rattles, talking sticks, drum beaters, gong mallets and Himalayan bowl beaters, these are journeys we can all share together here at Harmonic Balance.