Apr 16

Harmonic Meditation

A Beautiful way to experience and work with the power of sound
Harmonic Meditation '161
What is harmonic meditation?
Based on the principles of Nada Yoga, harmonic meditation is both an experience and a journey; it is a pathway to a deeper understanding of what and who we are, through the power of sound.
It is at the same time relaxing and rejuvenating, empowering and enlightening. It allows us, with conscious awareness to embrace the internal and the external, to balance that that is outside of us with that that resides within us.
Using carefully selected Harmonic sets of instruments and tones, we travel through sound and silence on a sonic tantric journey.
As Lorin Roche PhD wrote in the Radiance Sutras
“Bodies feed on sound
Sonic waves on inner waves
nourish the nerves.
Vibration strengthens the bones.
Ecstatic undulations awaits you.”