Mar 11

Harmonic Balance Holistic therapies for a balanced life

Sound is energy, vibratory energy, in its most literal form, a wave of energy passed from atom to atom that impacts on all of our “system”. It has been used for millennia to heal, to balance, to explore even to destroy. Here on Earth it is everywhere, so sound demands our attention, our interaction and our respect.
Be it through music, nature sounds, or individual harmonics, tones and rhythms, sound has the power to lift us up, calm us down, increase or reduce our stress levels, help us get in touch with our memories as well as explore the greater dimensions of ourselves, our place and space in time.


Welcome to Harmonic Balance, I hope in the following pages you will find information that is both useful and enlightening. Here I have only a brief description of the range of treatments and workshops that are currently offered, Further details and prices can be obtained by connecting with me using the details on the contact page or send an email to me at harmonicbalance@btinternet.com I look forward to hearing from you soon…

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