Tingshas & Temple bells – Indian Ghanta and Tibetan Drilbu

Tingshas from £15:00 to £23:00









Meditation sets –  these Drilbus can be played like singing bowls

3 piece set – £34.95       SOLD                                              Drilbu & Puja stick  SOLD










SOLD £23.95                                                                  SOLD           £19.95

DSCF3512           DSCF3523


£19.95 SOLD                                                                   £19:95 SOLD

DSCF3532          DSCF3537


298 grm Tibetan Drilbu temple bell tone of  D#6/A7     572 grm Garuda Temple bell   F#6/G7

£17.95 SOLD                                                                £45:00 plus £3.45  P&P 2nd class post

DSCF3545           DSCF3549


329 grm  Winged Hanaman temple bell  C#7

£25:00 plus £3.45  P&P 2nd class post                          £13.95 SOLD

DSCF3556           DSCF3564


969grm Hanaman temple bell B5#E7

SOLD                                                                             £19:95 plus £3.45 SOLD

DSCF3566          DSCF3545


Please contact me for more details on the bells or to listen to the bells via Skype and for payment information