Shamanic rattles, talking sticks and smudge fans

All my hand crafted items are locally made from sustainable sources with no air miles, the provenance of all the wood can be supplied.

Being handcrafted each item is unique, no two items are the same and so come with their own unique energy.

Shamanic items  are made from ethically sourced materials.  Hides, which have been  soaked in locally collected spring water,  handles are  made from individually shaped and crafted local indigenous woods  from sustainable sources. Where possible all decoration and other materials  are also locally sourced.

When posting sale items, I use as much recycled packaging  as I can without effecting  the integrity of the package or the safety of the items being posted.

By making and transporting these items ethically and responsibly, I hope to keep the impact on the earth to a minimum and where possible to leave it in a better state than I found it.

This is just a selection of items available and I can also make to your own personal requirements

Please contact me for payment details, as I’m endeavouring to keep payments local as well. Namaste James

Postage and packing £3.45 on all items unless otherwise stated.

To listen to the type of sound the rattles produce, please go to the sound clip part of the Sound shop.


A) Pine & Stag hide – £ 18.95                                                 B) turned Yew & Horse hide – £18.95

DSCF3387 DSCF3397

C) Horse and Honeysuckle – £ 21.95                                                D) SOLD

E)  Horse and Birch  £23.95                                                   F) SOLD










G)   Stag and contorted honeysuckle     £23.95                H)  Deer and Rowan £18.95










I)     SOLD                                                                                J) Deer and Yew £21.95


I have many more Shamanic rattles please do ask for availability

K) Yew & Brown Peacock  feather – £ 17.95                         L) Yew and Turkey Feather – £ 17.95


M) Naturally contorted Rowan – £12.95                        N) Ivy Root and pheasant – £15.95 SOLD

P)  Beech & dreamcatcher – £ 19.95                              Q) Pine with Dove & Crow – £ 17.95


R)  Selection of plain Shamanic Talking sticks form £12.95   S)  1500 mm Shamanic Staffs from £35.95


Smudge fans available from £12.95              A) sold                  B)                      C)                  D) sold












Condition of sale of hand crafted items from Harmonic Balance. When purchasing  handcrafted items form Harmonic Balance you  agree not to sell on for profit any handcrafted items purchased from Harmonic Balance, not to represent any such items as being made by anyone other than Harmonic Balance and not to duplicate the style, form and fabrication  of Harmonic Balance hand crafted items.