Singing bowls for sale


A selection of hand hammered, plain, engraved, etched, old and new style bowls. Other bowls are available and become available so please do contact me if you have specific tones etc in mind….


bowl 4  lovely handbeaten Jambati style bowl

21cm – 1337 grms with a fundamental of D3 Sacral and first overtone of A#4 Brow – third eye







Bowl 29 – 20cm Jambati style hand hammered singing bowl. 1,018 grms fundamental of G3 Throat with first overtone of  D5 Sacral.

Engraved bowl with  seated Buddha. Good resonance and sustain


Post and Packing £4.50 2nd class signed for
please contact me for more details or to listen to this bowl



Bowl 25 Jambati style hand beaten singing  bowl

24cm – 1346 grms

Fundamental of B2 Crown with a first overtone

of F#4 Thymus


Post and Packing £4.50 2nd class signed for




Bowl 53 Jambati style hand beaten singing bowl

29cm – 2166 grms

With a fundamental of G2 Throat with a first overtone of D4 Sacral chakra





Photo x4 bowl 541


Bowl  54 -15.5cm Remuna style singing bowl 825grms. Fundamental of F#4 Thymus or high Heart chakra and overtone of C6 Base. This is a very energising bowl to both Chakras, very clear concise tone with plain puja stick and good sustain. focuses oh Thymus when struck with mallet.

Post and Packing £4.50 2nd class signed for




Bowl 68

20.5cm Jambati style bowl 1256grms

Fundamental od D3 Sacral with overtone of A4 Third eye


Post and Packing £4.50 2nd class signed for





Bowl 77 – 25.5cm 1760 grms  Jambati hand hammered singing bowl. Bright and energetic bowl, plays easily with good resonance and sustain.

A fundamental of a deep A2 Brow with a first overtone of E4 solar plexus


price for post and packing on application





Bowl 104 Cast and etched buddha bowl

11.5cm – 496 grms

with a fundamental of D5 Sacral and a first overtone of

F#6 Thymus






Bowl 114 Thadobati style bowl

17.5cm – 879 grms

with a fundamental of  F#3 Thymus and a first over tone of C5 Base

£ 60.45





Selection of other bowls available include

Bowl 27- 22.5 cm Jambati engraved C#3 Earth/ Base chakra and G#4 Throat with G#5 and Solfeggio 417 hz 1,345 grms £95.25
Bowl 78 – 21.5 cm Jambati engraved with Mantra and seated goddess E3 Solar Plexus & A#4 Brow 1,232 grms – £86.25   

Bowl 80 – 23 cm etched Jambati  with seated Buddha D3 Sacral & A4  Brow 1,542 grms – £ 106.00

Bowl 88-  13cm Remuna style hammered singing bowl  510 grms with a fundamental of G4 Throat and overtone of D6 Sacral  £ 35.19

Bowl 90 –  13.5cm Remuna style hammered singing bowl 531grms, fundamental of E4 Solar plexus and first overtone of A#5 Brow also with  A6 & E7 £ 36.60

Bowl 93    14cm machined Manipuri bowl  weight 507grms  with fundamental A4 Third eye and first overtone of D6 Sacral   £24.95 SOLD

Bowl 95   17.5cm  Machines Thadobati bowl weighs 1339 grms with fundamental of  D4 Sacral and over tone of G5 Throat  £ 59.95

Bowl 101 16cm hammered Thadobati bowl  weighs 812 grms with fundamental of  A#3 Brow and overtone of  E5 Solar plexus  £  56.39

Bowl 103 18.5cm  beautiful hammered Manipuri bowl weighs 530 grms with fundamental of E3 Solar Plexus and overtone of A#4 Brow £ 47.70

Bowl 104 11.5cm Cast etched buddha bowl weighs 496grms with fundamental of D5 Sacral and overtone of F#6 high heart £19.95

Bowl 105 15cm hammered Manipuri bowl 452 grms with fundamental of D#4 Sacral and overtone of A5 Brow Third eye  £ 31.20

Bowl 106 19.5cm lovely two tone colour thadobati bowl with decorations 1070 grms with a fundamental of A#3 Brow and a first overtone of E 5 Solar plexus, £ 79.95


To hear  some of the bowls, please go to the “sound clips” tab on the “sound shop”

I am endeavouring to have all the bowls on sound clips soon…. Namaste James