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Welcome to Harmonic Balance, I hope in the following pages you will find Sound Therapy information that is both useful and enlightening. Here I have only a brief description of the range of treatments and workshops that are currently offered, Further details and prices can be obtained by connecting with me by completing the form giving your details on the contact page or via the link to my Facebook page. I also sell a range of  sound related  and shamanic handcrafted items. From Singing bowls and Temple bells  to Shamanic Rattles, Talking sticks, smudge fans, Shamanic Staffs, Gong mallets and more available here in the sound shop.

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Holistic vibrational therapies whether using touch, sound, colour, crystal or essential oils all work with our subtle energies, towards returning the body and mind to a state of balance and well being. I have been involved in holistic therapies for over 20 years and use a range of therapeutic skills and methods to enable you make that transition towards a state of wholeness. ….




Having started my journey with Sound nearly 20 years ago, every day I am still drawn to and amazed by Sounds therapeutic qualities, it’s ability to heal, to relax, to rebalance…to challenge and to recharge. Whether a one to one Sound therapy session, relaxing Himalayan bowl sound meditation or the exploration of the Himalayan bowl workshops, sound and sound therapy takes you on a journey of discovery. Join me on that journey and explore your relationship to this most powerful and profound form of healing.
Harmonic Balance offer a range of Sound therapies and holistic complementary therapies, one is just right for you …

New Sound clips

New sound bites have been added – Listen to the different tone types with Harmonic Balance Shamanic rattles and listen to Tingshas and Temple bells….

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